Wash and Go!

I love that its back to football season, Go Gamecocks 🐔 and soon basketball season <3! That means before you know it, it will be time for warm clothes, warm boots, warm scarfs, and the beautiful scenery of FALL🍂🍁. My favorite season! I love Wash and Go’s for this time of year. Nothing like curls … More Wash and Go!

Curly Cutie Jazz

Occasionally, I will feature a Curly Cutie other than my Cutie just to show the versatility of curls and textures out there. Whether the curls are loose or tight, big or small, healthy hair methods will yield great results. Today I am featuring Curly Cutie Jazz! Jazz and Cutie play very well together, and I’ve been … More Curly Cutie Jazz

~Length Retention~

The most common question I get concerning my hair is “how did you grow your hair so long?” And I always answer the same “I just let it grow. Instead of focusing on length, I focus on health.” If your hair is healthy the length will come eventually. Here are a few hair health tips that … More ~Length Retention~

Stop! Henna Time

Sorry, I couldn’t resist with the title. I’m an 80’s baby and MC Hammer was the MAN growing up. I wonder what he’s up to now and if he knows his pants are coming back in style *shudders* but I digress. I’ve went back to an oldie but goodie this past weekend, Henna! I have … More Stop! Henna Time