Curly Cutie: Creating Neat Twist 

Hey y’all! I won’t tarry on this post because I’ve done a similar one on the same technique. Check it out!

I did however change-up a couple of things for this set that I thought are worth mentioning. The question I always get when I do twist on cutie is “how do you make them so consistent and neat? My daughter’s twist never look like that!”. Here are three quick tips:

1. I make sure I start on well moisturized hair. I wash Cutie’s hair the day before I do her twist. After washing I will moisturize and seal her hair, put it in braids or pony tails and send her out to play to allow her hair to air dry. I don’t blow dry her hair. You certainly can, I just prefer not to. The next day her hair is stretched and pretty much dry and ready to be styled.

2. The part pattern you choose will affect the way the twist fall. Choose your pattern according to your long term goal for the style.

With this set I wanted her to be able to put it up in ponytails, wear it down, pin it up etc make it versatile. A girl has to have options! I didn’t want any sharp parts that would make it hard for her to do different styles. For example, I did not part her hair down the middle or to one side or the other. Doing so would limit styling options.

She’s going to have a busy summer. She will be going to several basketball camps, so I don’t want her to have to fuss with her hair much. These will lay great loose and will go into a quick ponytail beautifully.

I chose to do triangle shaped parts.  To do this part horizontally and then part each twist section on a diagonal. Each layer doesn’t have to line up exactly. In my opinion, the twist look fuller when the parts are NOT aligned. With this technique you will have a twist falling in the “gaps” of the layer below.

3.  Twist in the same direction. As you can see all of Cutie’s twist and going to the right! Take your time while twisting. Keep your twist tight by twisting closer together instead of elongating the space between twist patterns. 🤔 What do I mean by that? Keep your fingers in contact with the base of the hair you’re twisting. Twist a section over and hold that section while you bring the other strand of hair across. This will create a smoother twist.

This style is also a great compromise for those “I want to wear my hair down” days. That’s all folks! As you can see, she likes it and I love it! I hope this helps! Chat with you later!  ❤ Ash


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