The Case for Glycerin

Can you believe it’s already May? Where does the time go?! We are almost half way through the year which means it’s about to get hellishly hot here in SC.

I’m talking about three showers a day HOT. Funky “Johnny” gets funkier HOT. I’m not riding with you because you’re too cheap to run the air HOT! And I’m definitely not going to grandma’s house b/c she doesn’t believe in air conditioning  HOT (just kidding go see your grandma. she’s worth the sweat). You get the picture…

Hot weather also produces humidity in the lovely southern states. This is the time of the year that I switch up products. I’m the wash and go queen in the summertime. I don’t like to fuss over my hair much, too hot for that ha!  Therefore it’s just the ideal style for me during this time of year, easy and last for days before resetting.

I  switch the type of product I use to set my wash gos to something more humidity friendly. I love glycerin based gels in humid weather. Some naturals do the opposite, glycerin based in the winter because any product with glycerin basically pulls moisture from the air into your hair.

But hear me out! Yes, it’s humid; but it is also very very hot. I’d rather have moisture continuously pumped into my hair strands from glycerin, than hair that’s coated in a hard gel cast being baked and parched in the sun! Just my preference!

I find by using glycerin based leave ins in the summer my wash and goes are soft, they stay moisturized and fluffy. Dare I say it also dries faster 😱?!

On the low-cost end I love Hawaiian Silky gel activator! It is about $3-$4 at any hair store and gives great results.  If you’re a newbie to glycerin, you can’t go wrong with experimenting with this one.


On the higher end I am really digging Shea Moisture’s Sacha Inchi Omega 3, 6, 9 Curl Defining Smoothie. It is about $10.99- 12.99 (El Cheapo tip: buy it from Ulta and use the coupon always on $3.50 off of $10). This is more of a cream, however it gives great definition in my opinion.

Doesn’t it look über moisturizing? It is! That’s the glycerin (among other things).

To look for glycerin based products, read the label! Glycerin should be the first or second ingredient on the list. If you’re looking for a soft yet defined summer wash and go routine try a glycerin based product!

❤ Ash


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