Cutie’s wash and go


Cutie has been trying to convince me that she’s ready to wear her hair out like a big girl. She would like to exclusively wear it out..meaning no pony tails, no beads and braids, just big fabulous curls.

I’ve always been hesitant just because Cutie is so active and she is super extra when she has worn it out. Flipping it to and fro, snapping that little neck around leaving curls twirling in the wind.

Which I love that she loves and feels so confident with her curls but bruh…the detangling 😂. Tangles tangles tangles…the aftermath of all that whipin and nae nae’n would lead to marathon detangling sessions and sometimes tears.

But maybe I’ve been a little selfish in a sense because I didn’t want to go through that dramatic/comedy every wash day. I should have noticed that the tears were only momentary and that SHE smiled the biggest and felt her most confident with her hair out, and that’s all that should have mattered in my decision making. #mommoment

Since she is almost 7 now maybe she is ready to start taking her hair a little more seriously. Facebook “memories”reminded me of when she was a toddler, she wore it out often.

2011, 3yrs old
2011, 3yrs old

This also reminded me of the products that I loved for her wash and go’s back then. They were fab! How did those get booted out the Arsenal? Off to Ulta we went, in search of these:


Let me tell you…I am back in love with these products 😍. They do exactly what they say they are going to do. The shampoo def helps the curls “pop” and adds a good bit of shine. This line is all natural and organic so you won’t find any harsh sulfates or ingredients that lead to heavy build up, just genuinely good quality stuff.

You can not go wrong with this gel. There is not a learning curve to it. It is super thick meaning you don’t need to use a ton, and it will define the finest or thickest curls (works for my hair too).

Thicker than a snicker
Thicker than a snicker!

So we shampoo her hair with the Fairy Tales Curly Q shampoo. After we rinsed that out I added a rinse out conditioner to detangle (trader joes tea tree tingle) I used a denman brush to brush out all of her tangles starting from the ends working my way up to the root. Then we rinsed!

The shampoo bottle suggest to follow with their Energize leave in conditioner unfortunately Ulta was out of it so instead I rolled with Giovanni direct since it’s pretty universal (I’ll do a post on product mixing soon 😬). Do you have to use a leave in? No def not but I prefer to just to keep the moisture party going.

I sat her down and we began smoothing the Curl Maker gel in one section at a time, root to tip. I worked in medium sized sections. For more defined curls, go for smaller sections! Or curl by curl if you have the patience.

you can see her the Giovanni slightly reacted with the gel which is why it look a little white here but no worries. That's normal since the gel is not meant to work with the Giovanni leave long as you don't see white
you can see here the Giovanni slightly reacted with the gel which is why it looks a little white  but no worries. That’s normal because the gel is not meant to work with the Giovanni leave in. To achieve the best results in a wash and go, you should follow the recommendations and use the entire product line. We will try to find the Energize leave in before the next wash. But as long as you don’t see white “balls” in the hair when you have to mix product lines, you are good to go.

image image

As you can see the gel clumps her curls together nicely. And just look at that smile. Oh yeah you may have noticed a scratch on Cutie’s left eye. I got a call at work from the school nurse Friday (worst mom feeling ever, right?) letting me know “she managed to scratch her own eye with her own fingernail while in gym class” 😂

She says she was taking a shot playing basketball and let the shot off a little too close to her face and scratched herself on the release. She loves basketball. She starts her first season  in t-minus one week and she is ecstatic about it. Hopefully she will get coached up on that shot before she puts her eye out LOL!

Anywho we diffuse dried her hair and put her to bed on her silk pillow case. This morning we revived it with a spritz of water diffused a little more, fluffed it out, and she was ready to go.

image image image image

As you can see, she loves it! I do too! So tell me how often do you allow your cutie to wear her hair out? ❤ Ash


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