No heat flirty buxom waves


Can you believe I achieved these gorgeous waves without heat 😍? Yup, and it is super simple! I’ll show you how:

First section your hair in medium sized sections. I made 8 sections in all. Three in the front, three in the middle, two in the back.

Next working one section at a time twist the section tightly until it starts to coil. As it coils loop the section onto itself to create a Bantu knot.

image imageimage

Keep twisting and looping the section until you reach the end of your hair. Secure the end by bobby pinning it into the knot.

Keep going until you have knotted and pinned every section. The tighter the knot the more wave you will have. But of course don’t make it uncomfortably tight. When you are done you should look something like a pin cushion, or Hell Raiser, or Cindy Lou who…ha! What ever pointy object/character you relate to 😂.


These do not take long to set. I did these early this morning and took them out after about 3-4 hrs. You can do them at night and sleep on them if you like. The longer you leave them in, the more enhanced the wave. You can reset these as often as you like. Best thing about Bantu product needed! It’s best to keep the products to a minimum when you are rocking straight natural hair, keeps it light and fluffy.

You want to carefully take the knot down. Release the hair pin and unwind the knot. Once you release your hair, it should look like this:


Do not separate the waves completely (they’ll look piecey) just fluff them lightly and you should be good to go for a flirty Buxom Babe 😘look! The wave should last for a day or two depending on how much you fluff, the thickness of your hair, and how well it holds pattern. Give these a try to add a little variety to your straight hair look! ❤ Ash

image image


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