Just how long is your hair?

I get this question often…and I really don’t know *shrugs*. I don’t do compulsive length checks or have a certain hair goal I am shooting for at the moment. My focus has always been on healthy hair. And you know my favorite saying “focus on healthy hair and the length will come”. So I’ve just been letting it do what it does.

However, it was about time for a good blow out and trim so we shall see today just how long it is! I haven’t straightened my hair since ummm about May. I also recently read a post from my hair idol, Shelli 😍 (Seriously her hair is everything go check it out) over on Hairscapades.com that got me thinking of possibly rocking straight hair throughout the winter.

If I were to do this id pretty much follow my straight hair rules which are as follows:

1 Clarify. You have to start prepping for straight hair with super clean hair. This is the only time I use a sulfate shampoo on my hair. I love herbal essence’s “honey I’m strong” shampoo. I don’t know if they even make that anymore. I bought a big bottle and have had it for about a year because like I said I only sulfate shampoo my hair when I straighten it. It is super creamy and cleansing but it doesn’t leave your hair squeaky in my opinion.

2 Creamy condition. I like to use a super creamy super moisturizing conditioner after I shampoo. This is usually Aussie 3 min miracle or Traders Joes tea tree tingle which Is what I used this go round. I really like the trader joes as it kind of foams which is nice b/c you don’t have to use a lot of it. It is pretty moisturizing too. I apply it, twist my hair up and let it sit for about 10-15 mins for a quick deep condition.

3 Leave in. I always put a leave-in in my hair no matter what style I’m doing, that’s automatic! I used my boo Giovanni Direct.

4 Heat Protectant. Never skip this step. It’s very important to keep your hair protected from the heat of the blow dryer and flat iron. I use a tried and true. I’ve been using Aveda’s Brilliant Damage control since my relaxed days and it has never done me dirty. Plus it smells amazing.

5 A good blow dryer. You need a good blow dryer for a good blow out. One that does not get burning hot but heats enough to get the job done. You also need some attachments to make your life easier. Either a comb attachment or a concentrator. I use a Helen of Troy with a concentrator attachment and my Denman brush! Also I like to sit under the dryer for about 20 mins after I blow dry to just make sure my hair is good and dry before flat ironing. This will give you a smoother flat iron. Got this tip from a stylist 😉.

7 A quality flat iron. Invest in a flat iron with temperature control and quality plates that allow your hair to glide easily. I use a Chi Smart. I flat iron my hair on about 375 front and 390 back. The back of my hair is much thicker than the front. Try to stay under 400. The lower the temp it takes to get the job done the better. I don’t want to get it bone straight (that’s boring first of all and it won’t hold any other style if it is). Also make sure you clean your flat iron before and after. I like to just glide over it with a slightly damp cloth just to be sure there’s not any natural hair oils or product lingering. Just take good care of it 😃

8 No re-touching. I can keep my hair straight for about 3 weeks without touch ups. How do I do this? I wrap it at night (doobie style) and I wear low key styles throughout. If I want to add some curls or volume I’ll roll it at night with flexi rods. You just don’t want to go back in after you’ve flat ironed your hair initially to avoid the risk of damaging it. Especially if you’ve had it straight for a while. Flat ironing dirty hair is the worst thing you can do.

The whole process took me about 5 hours with breaks in between eating etc. It’s raining today so I wasn’t in a hurry. We’re not going anywhere 😂. Here are the results!

image image image image

❤ Ash


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