~Curl Formers~

Remember when I mentioned that there are other ways to stretch your hair without using heat? Well one of those ways is with Curl Formers! Curl Formers are kind of like rollers except you place your hair on the inside of the roller not the outside. They come in a variety of sizes to accommodate your hair length. They also have a different curl style now which is convenient if you prefer a looser curl. You can install these and just wear the curls or install them to get your hair prepped for another style (twist out, braid out, Bantu knots etc) without the use of heat.

I’ll forewarn you that these bad boy are not cheap $60.00. Well not cheap by my frugal standards anyway. But they’re worth their weight in gold! I bought my first set at Sally’s but my and Cutie’s hair eventually outgrew them. I was hurt. I didn’t want to pay for a longer set. Moral of the story, just buy the long ones from the start.

Luckily, I was able to find a knock off kit on Amazon (thanks China for knocking off everything) for about $25.00. However it looks like they have nipped that hustle in the bud quickly as I can no longer locate the sellers shop or the product. Feel free to double-check Amazon! The knock offs were listed as “magic rollers” and they work exactly the same way.

Anywho back to business! A curlformers kit comes with 40 rollers and 2 rods with hooked ends. 20 rollers are orange and curl one direction. The other 20 are pink and curl in the opposite direction. You simply place the hollow roller over the rod, hook a small section of hair in the hook (kinda like a crochet hook) and pull your hair through! It’s sounds way more complicated than it is. There are tons of curl former tutorials on YouTube, I’d suggest my favorite youtuber Naptural85’s curlformers method.


You can use curlformers on wet or dry hair. For this set my hair was previously cowashed and twisted a couple of days before. I simply unraveled my twist one at a time. Spritzed the section with water, applied Paul Mitchell the conditioner, added a little Shea butter on top, wide tooth combed all of that through. I proceeded to installing the curl formers. I like to install all of the orange rollers in the top, and the pink in the back.

The next morning! Getting ready to take them out
The next morning! Getting ready to take them out

You want to do “Goldilocks” sized sections of hair. Too small and you’ll run out of rollers. Too big, and you won’t be able to pull your hair through! They need to be about medium-sized sections. Of course you can buy more than one kit if needed, but I find one kit is enough to do my large adult head ha! I install these at night and sleep in them. You can sit under the dryer if you like, I will do this if I’m crunched for time. Either way they always turn out great!

Curl/section size
Curl/section size

image image image image

To take them out you pinch the roller at the top to open it and slide it right off! I separated my curls a little, fluffed them and was good to go for a few days. To keep these up gather them in a high pony tail and wrap a scarf around your head at night or sleep on a silk pillow case. If you find your curls fall quickly you can do a pretty cool looking bun which is what I’m rocking now on day 4! ❤ Ash

Just tuck And pin!
Just tuck
And pin!

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