Protective styling stretches curl pattern?

A great curly hair stylist located in Cali that I follow 👀 on IG (@shaiamiel his work is wonderful btw!) says that you should leave curly hair in its natural state for it to look it’s best and for best styling results.

Meaning no protective twist outs, cornrows, braid outs etc 😨 All of these are said to stretch out your natural curl pattern over time.

The science behind this is a theory called curl memory. 🤔 The easiest way to explain it is with a spring. Think of your curls as a metal spring.

Have you ever played with a spring (or even a slinky)? If you pull a spring apart and let it go, it will tightly recoil back into it’s original state. If you took that same spring and pulled on it say 100’s of times, it will eventually become fatigued.

The coils will loose their memory from the stress and friction. They will elongate and the spring wont really look like a spring anymore.


So sure scientifically, I can definetly see his point. Our hair isn’t metal, in fact it is farrrr more fragile. Nevertheless curls and coils alike adhere to the same recoil science.

But no protective styling?! Ugh that would be a rough life! What’s a girl to do if she has to choose between fabulous hair and sweetpants-ponytail-Lifetime movie marathon-lounge days? That is not life!

And then it dawned on me that Cuties hair really did use to be a lot more springy when she was younger (and mine too)..

Of course when our hair was shorter it wasn’t much of a hassle to untangle. Wash and go’s were the go to styles.

I’ve chucked curls stretching into “S” shaped waves just from growth *shrugs*. Our hair is getting longer, therefore heavier..Makes sense right?

I guess I just cant say for sure if this is true for us without going a period of time strictly without protective styling. For now, I’ll stick a pin in this post and come back to it in more wash n go friendly weather here in SC to experiment.

What about you guys? Have you noticed any curl loosening from protective styling? ❤ Ash







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