Wash and Go!


I love that its back to football season, Go Gamecocks 🐔 and soon basketball season <3! That means before you know it, it will be time for warm clothes, warm boots, warm scarfs, and the beautiful scenery of FALL🍂🍁. My favorite season! I love Wash and Go’s for this time of year. Nothing like curls whipping you in the face when the chilly wind blows! Here is how I do my wash and gos.

My wash and go method is so simple its ridiculous. I co wash my hair in my usual way, side note: I am tweaking my regimen a little. I am only washing weekly now. Since school and other activities have started back, I just don’t have the time or the motivation for my three-day intervals. So strictly cowashing unless there’s build up then shampoo bar (still about every two weeks).

After I have my sectioned hair clean and thoroughly detangled I untwist each section and rinse the conditioner by running my head back under the shower. I then turn off the shower and apply a different leave in, Paul Mitchell The Conditioner to my wet hair. This leave in provides a little more moisture than my boo Giovanni Direct. I like to use it under my wash and go’s for a little extra kick since I define my curls with gel. You want to smooth the leave-in in your hair. You don’t want to rake the leave in through, that will break up your curls making them piece-y. Keep your curls clumped together as much as possible for a great wash and go.


After I have applied the leave in I wrap a soft tee-shirt around my hair for about 10 minutes to get rid of any extra water. I then apply Eco styler gel (any “flavor” as my country people say) to set my wash and go. I carefully work in medium size sections still being sure not to un-clump the curls and applying the gel from roots to ends in a praying hands smoothing motion.

Can you tell I don’t like doing this part…boring lol but necessary sometimes!

I like to let my hair air dry. But if it hasn’t dried by time I have to leave the house then I will blow dry it using a diffuser attachment on medium heat (and don’t worry this is harmless low indirect heat thanks to the diffuser). My hair shrinks a great deal when I do a wash and go usually into a wonky shape lol kinda like Samuel L Jackson’s in the movie Unbreakable (I LOVE that movie).


Just kidding not that much lol. BTW shrinkage is not a bad thing. Healthy curls SHOULD naturally recoil tightly and clump. Think of your curls as a spring (have you ever taken one out of a pen?), if you pull on one it naturally recoils back into shape. If you pull a spring out too much, it looses its shape. This is what happens with heat damaged or just dry damaged curls. They loose their natural curl memory. If you are constantly blow drying or flat ironing your curls expect to loose them. Just like you can’t fix a worn out spring you can’t repair damaged curls. The only option is to trim.

I like to stretch my wash and go’s just to give it a better shape. To do this I switch to an air concentrator attachment on the blow dryer still on medium heat and focus the blow dryer just at the roots of the sections I want to hang differently. Stretch as little or as much as you want if you like bbh (big beautiful hair). Keep in mind that you may lose some definition that you worked hard to create with the stretching. Also keep in mind your hair will naturally fall a little more as the days go by. When you are done, you should have a soft springy wash and go!


Day two
                       Day two

To maintain this style I pineapple my hair at night (smooth all of your hair to the crown of your head and secure with a loose scrunchy) and tie it down with a satin scarf. In the morning just remove the scrunchy, re-position, and go! That first morning after you may have to break out a spray bottle of water or your favorite refresher spray but by day two or three that should be optional. Enjoy your Fall wash and go’s! ❤ Ash


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