Curly Cutie: Operation Mini braids


I don’t know about other moms out there but this back to school business got a sister all off schedule. I wasn’t ready *curls into fetal position*! Cutie has started fall soccer so things are extra hectic around here. I need a style with some longevity to it. Something that we can do easy breezy on school mornings and put up for soccer practice and games. Enter operation Mini Braids.

I love mini braids about as much as I love mini twists! They are an easy protective style that will get you through probably a good 2 weeks if you care for them correctly. Here we go: I started on clean moisturized hair. I washed her hair the usual way and put her to bed. Her hair did not dry overnight since we started a little later in the evening. It was a little damp and due to my laziness the night before, not as stretched as I would have liked for it to be. But hey, we made it work.

Size of braids
Size of braids

I made her braids about an inch big. I added a bit of Bee Mine’s curly butter, smoothed each section through (with a wide tooth comb) from ends to roots and began to braid each section of hair. I didn’t braid all the way down to the end. When you get to the last inch or so switch to a two strand twist. This will make it much faster when it comes time to take down. You can make your braids smaller or larger if you’d like. Make the size work for you and your Cutie’s patience. Just keep in mind you will have to take these braids out eventually. Don’t make them so small that you’re going to get a headache or frustrated doing so.

I don’t like to line my parts up exactly when I do these. I like the braids to fall a certain way so I stagger the parts to give it a fuller look.


And YES it took forever. Let’s see…we braided through a Winnie the Pooh movie and two and a half episodes of Sponge Bob so that’s about 3 hrs!! But keep in mind you won’t have to do hair for at least 2 weeks Yaas!

Maintenance: 1. We will tie her hair down at night with a scarf 2. We will moisturize her ends every other day (spritz of water and coconut oil or your favorite refresher spray) 3. We will wash weekly as usual. We will wash her hair in the braids and add our leave in and moisturizer 4. We will also play with these a bit switching up styles.

I’ll update the post with what we come up with throughout the life of this style. ❤ Ash


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