Curly Cutie Jazz

Occasionally, I will feature a Curly Cutie other than my Cutie just to show the versatility of curls and textures out there. Whether the curls are loose or tight, big or small, healthy hair methods will yield great results.

Today I am featuring Curly Cutie Jazz! Jazz and Cutie play very well together, and I’ve been eyeing her curls for a while! She’s got very pretty fine curls that just needed a little moisture and definition. So today her mom agreed to let me play in her hair, yay!

Jazz wanted her hair braided. I started this style on clean dry hair (her mom washed it for me the night before). I used a spray bottle to lightly mist her hair with water and proceeded to finger detangling. After I had it thoroughly detangled, I separated her hair in fours and applied about a quarter sized amount of Oyin’s Hair Dew to each section. I defined her curls by pulling her hair through my fingers, like a raking motion.

Moisturized defined curls
Moisturized defined curls

I wanted to leave half of her hair down to show her curl definition. I parted her hair from ear to ear and then parted kind of triangular-shaped parts to start my cornrows. Since her hair is thinner the cornrows will not stay on their own. I secured each cornrow with a small plastic band, pink and purple per Jazz’s request. This style fits Jazz’s personality perfectly, sweet and easy-going.

Can you tell she loves it?
Can you tell she loves it?


Teach your Cuties early on to love and embrace their curls. In doing so you will teach them to love themselves. Thank you Jazz for being our first Curly Cutie feature! ❤ Ash


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