The Best Homemade Deep Conditioner

Now that I have spilled the tea about how I retain length, I think I am ready to tell my homemade deep conditioner recipe. I never tell just anyone this…I can’t believe I’m blogging about it. When I have told people close to me I get all kind of sideways looks. But listen just try it once, and you will see why I use it. The stuff works miracles. So here it goes:


You will need

1-2 overripe bananas (or you can be lazy like me and buy organic banana baby food 2 jars)

1 tbs of olive oil


If you are starting with overripe bananas, mash the bananas adding just enough water to make it thinner but not runny. Add the olive oil, stir until all is combined and you’re done! If you are starting with the banana baby food just dump the bananas in a bowl add the olive oil and a little water to make it spreadable stir it all up and you’re done!

You MUST apply this to dry hair. I always deep condition on dry un pre poo’d hair. Reason being I want my hair to absorb the benefits of the deep conditioner. If I deep conditioned on wet hair my hair would’ve already absorbed a good bit of water limiting the amount of goodness it can absorb from the deep conditioner (my theory anyway). Just apply it like you would a regular hair mask, place a plastic cap over your head and let it marinate for about 30-40 minutes. You can use heat but you really don’t need to unless you like the idea of hot bananas on your head lol. The natural heat coming from your head will do the trick alone.

Once you have let it sit for a while, take the plastic cap off and let your head cool completely to close those hair cuticles you just opened with the heat **that’s very important**. THEN proceed to thoroughly rinsing the mixture out with lukewarm water. I co-wash afterwards. You don’t want to shampoo because it will only strip out what you just spent 30 minutes putting in. After that you should be left with super soft hair. Proceed with a leave in and style as usual. This is what I swear by when my hair is parched. See this post on more info:

Why does this work? Bananas are pretty much super foods.They are full of biotin which is an essential vitamin for strong hair. They also contain vitamin B-6 and potassium. Olive oil is great in itself adding good fat to your hair. So its like a multi-vitamin for your hair. at the doe

Are you reading this with your head sideways yet? lol Trust me, just try it once and you won’t be buying a deep conditioner out of the store anymore! See, I’m watching your pockets and keeping your hair together! Do not use this if you are allergic to any ingredient obviously! Let me know how your hair responds!  ❤ Ash


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