#Black Edges Matter: Why we dont lay edges in my house

This was not even suppose to be my next blog post smh. But after seeing what I saw yesterday (an edgeless 6yr old, I mean slap gone, just smooth skin) I felt a pressing need to get this out here. WE have a problem in the black hair community and it is a matter of life and death…of your hair follicles!

I love my beautiful sisters, I swear I am doing this for y’all. We have got to stop this trend of “laying” edges. It is costing some of us dearly. Some are paying for it literally with their edges. And as if Mom not having any edges is not tragic enough now we are corrupting the children. Listen, there is no reason (outside of a medical problem) a child should not have any edges. Please give your baby girls a chance to have healthy hair 😦

Let’s talk edge care and prevention. We don’t lay edges in my house. I protect my and my daughter’s hair line like my life depends on it. I limit the amount of stress I put on our hair line by taking the following preventative steps:

1. Make sure your edges are moisturized. My favorite product to use on edges is castor oil. It works miracles to strengthen and stimulate your hair follicles. Simply spray edges with a little water and lightly apply castor oil. **with any natural product or oil, please do a test to make sure you are not allergic to it, some are more sensitive than others**

Black castor oil
Black castor oil

2. Limit brushing edges daily. Boar bristle brushes are great at smoothing hair and also taking your edges out. If you are brushing your edges daily, try using a softer brush. Even a new soft toothbrush used just for that purpose will do the trick without stressing your hair line.

3. Edge friendly styles. ponytails are cute on little girls but they do not have to be death grip tight.  If the scalp looks “crinkled” in ponytails, that’s way too tight! If your child’s scalp is red, it is in distress. If there are small (sometimes itchy) bumps around the hair line, or along part lines, the scalp is in distress. Also don’t allow your child to sleep in tight ponytails. Either remove the pony tail holder (not the twist or braid) completely or loosen it. Neither will ruin the style, just re-tighten them in the morning. Braids are also a great protective styles but they should not be tight to the point of discomfort.

4. Switch up styles. Constantly doing your or your child’s hair the same way can also fatigue the hair line. Switch up your styles and parts. For example, if you always make your parts straight, try parting on a diagonal instead. If you always pull the hair back to make a ponytail, try smoothing the hair forward to reduce the pull on the hair line. We love twists around here. They are a cute alternative to ponytails and can be manipulated into different styles. You can also flat twist or braid (not tightly!) along the hair line to avoid daily manipulation.

example of twists with hair line protection.
example of twists with hair line protection.

5. Switch up relaxer patterns. If your stylist always starts your relaxer around your hairline, find another one because clearly they do not care nothing about your edges! If you do your own relaxer, save your edges for last. The worst thing you can do is over process your hair line.

6. Satin scarfs work well to smooth your edges. Once you have moisturized them  (see #1), grab your scarf and tie them down for a smooth edge look without the strain of a brush. Also sleep in a satin scarf or on a satin pillow case to minimize breakage.

I really really hope this helps someone out there. I am not talking to those who may have medical problems or those going through postpartum shedding (been there), that’s a given. But I know there are women who are going through hair “hurt” who are not as confident as they should be because of this problem. I want to uplift you and tell you are beautiful and fearfully made and you will conquer this thing! The good news is we can #savealltheedges by educating ourselves and by just taking preventative measures to be mindful or our hairlines. ❤ Ash


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