Curly Cuties Wash Day

I so love my Curly Cutie! I also love doing her hair. She could, however, live without wash days lol but we all know that’s not going to happen. Her wash days occur weekly and go a little something like this:

Products we use on wash day:

Coconut oil

Shampoo bar from cream and coco:

Aussie Moist conditioner

Giovanni Direct Leave-in

Bee Mine Luscious balanced cream moisturizer:

Vatika Oil

Step 1: Cleanse

I pre poo Kins hair as well with coconut oil. I put about the same amount 2 tbs per section and send her out to play to let that marinate. When she comes back in, we head for the sink. I lay her down on the counter top and scoot her up until her hair is in the kitchen sink (make shift shampoo bowl). I cleanse her hair with the same gentle shampoo bar from cream and coco that I use for my hair. I section her hair in four and work one section at a time rubbing the shampoo bar lightly on her scalp to create a good lather. After I have shampooed the section, I add Aussie moist conditioner over it, twist it up and head to the next. When I have all four sections washed we head to either the couch or the nearest chair to start detangling. I only finger detangle her hair as well. I turn on Teen Titans Go (cartoon) and take my time to finger detangle each section adding more Aussie conditioner to each section taking care to gently work through any stubborn tangles. It is really important not to rip through your child’s tangles. You don’t want to break the hair.  Once I have the section thoroughly detangled, I twist it up and move to the next section.

Step 2: Condition and Moisturize

After we’ve finished detangling we head back to the sink to rinse the conditioner out section by section. Once a section is rinsed I immediately apply Giovanni direct leave in to each and twist it back up. My child does not like “drippies” so once we have added the leave in to all four sections, I wrap her hair in an old cotton tee-shirt and head back to the couch.

curls washed, conditioned, and moisturized
curls washed, conditioned, and moisturized

Step 3: Seal

I have used Bee Mine’s luscious on Kin’s hair since she was 2 and this is what we still use and swear by (after washing)! I apply it liberally to each section. I seal that in by adding a little vatika or sweet almond oil on top, not much as the Bee Mine usually does the trick! Depending on how I plan to style her hair I either band it up (place pony tail holders down the length of each section of hair) chunky two strand twist, or braid each and send her back outside to play and air dry!

example of banding
example of banding
wash and go
wash and go

I keep her wash day routine pretty easy breezy. I only wash her hair once a week unless we have activities going on in the week where it is necessary like swimming. She plays soccer as well so if she sweats a ton that game I like to rinse the build up from her hair (but that is rare). And of course if the occasional mulch “fight” on the playground gets real, we will co-wash mid-week. This simple routine also gives a great healthy base for any style.

After all she is just a kid and no kid wants to think about their hair. Keep it simple and consistent!  Feel free to sub whatever products that work for your child. Target has a great selection of natural hair products if you are just starting out. We also use Bee Mine’s curly butter ( for styling or Oyins Hair Dew (Target or for refreshing styles mid week.  As long as the products are healthy and do not cause build up on the hair, it should thrive.  If you have question about how to pick a good product check here:   Stay tuned for Curly Cuties back to school do! ❤ Ash


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