My Wash Day

To build a solid hair regimen you need the basics three steps: 1. cleanse 2. condition & moisturize 3. seal. You want to keep your wash days pretty easy. If its long and hectic you are going to dread them every. single. time. Not enjoying wash days leads to skipping them, which leads to unkempt hair, matting, breakage, and knots! The key to great hair is consistency. I shampoo my hair every two weeks. However, I co wash my hair every three days. Below I am detailing my bi weekly regimen.

Products I use in the order in which I use them ;):

Extra virgin coconut oil

Either or these shampoo bars from cream and coco (bi weekly):

Aussie Moist conditioner or VO5 conditioner (strawberry, or coconut)

Giovanni Direct Leave in

Aloe Vera gel

Vatika Oil, Sweet Almond oil

My wash regimen

step 1: cleanse

I like a good pre-poo. A pre poo is basically preparing your hair for washing. By the time wash days roll around my hair is in need of a thorough detangle.  A couple hours before I will grab my virgin coconut oil, section my hair in 4 and coat each section with a good amount (about 2 tbs each section) of coconut oil. This loosens any tangles and releases shed hair. Coconut oil also prevents your hair from loosing too much moisture during the wash process. I use my fingers only to detangle. I use my fingers to style my hair as well I rarely use combs and brushes! The exceptions being 1. if I need clean parts 2. if i need a smooth set for a style.

Next I hop in the shower or wash my hair in the sink. I soak my still sectioned hair with warm water and begin cleansing with my shampoo bar. If you have never used a shampoo bar, you place the bar at your roots (create parts with your fingers) and rub lightly to create lather. You certainly don’t have to use a shampoo bar. A no sulfate shampoo will do or a conditioner if you prefer to solely co-wash. I work up a lather at my roots only and let the lather slide down my hair to cleanse the length. I do not drag the bar down the length of my hair. Reason being build up usually concentrates at the roots, and the length of hair is almost always the driest. Your hairs natural oils (sebum) have a hard time traveling the length of curly hair so we want to keep whatever oils that have made their way on the length in place. After I have given my scalp a good massage in that section I apply my Aussie moist conditioner over the top of the shampoo, finger detangle, twist it back up, and move on cleansing the next section. Do this for all four sections

2. Condition & Moisturize

I already have conditioner in my hair at this point. Once I have all four sections washed Aussie conditioner on top, I thoroughly rinse them out one by one. Immediately after rinsing I apply the Giovanni direct leave in to the section. After I apply the leave in, again I twist it back up (the twisting is to avoid re-tangling) and move on to the other three sections. At this point I am finished washing my hair. Easy Breezy!

3. Seal

I have already gotten plenty of water into my hair through the wash process and my water based creamy leave in. Now the only thing I need to do now is seal in all the goodness. I use all natural aloe vera gel. I keep it cold in the fridge. This does double duty. The cold product tightly closes your hair cuticle further sealing in the moisture; and adding it cold will give you really shiny hair. You can take aloe vera gel right from the plant if you have one. I buy from gnc (Lily of the Desert brand), whole foods etc already bottled. you can also use aloe juice in a spray bottle. Either way, keep it in the fridge! Your hair will thank you! After i’ve applied the aloe I add a layer of vatika oil or sweet almond oil. Remember I am still working in sections. Just release the section, coat with cold aloe vera followed with your natural oil choice. After I have sealed in my moisture I wrap my hair in an old cotton tee shirt, not a towel.

wash day products!
wash day products!
Curls after sealing with cold aloe vera gel no oil is added yet.
Curls after sealing with cold aloe vera gel no oil is added yet.

That’s it! Now I mentioned I co wash on the 3 day intervals. It is the exact same routine except I exchange the shampoo bar in step one for the Aussie or Vo5 conditioner. I find my hair behaves better when I am putting water back in it every 3 days. I also incorporate deep conditioning monthly and a strengthening treatment (protein or henna) as needed. I’ll do separate post on each!

**Please keep in mind you do not have to use any of the products that I use. These are just my tried and trues that  constantly give me a great BASE for healthy hair and styling. As long as your wash days are based on the 3 steps you can adjust the frequency and sub in whatever products you find your hair respond well to.

Also as with mine, you will find that you will have to tweak your routine to fit your hair needs and your lifestyle. Just as you evolve in this thing called life, so will your routines! Do what works for you! ❤ Ash


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