YUP this is Long Overdue!

Welcome to Curly Country! My name is Ashlei (yes with an “i”) and this blog is long overdue, honey let me tell you! Here at Curly Country we will talk all things naturally curly hair! Specifically, I will blog and chronicle my personal hair care regimen, products, tips and tricks that I have learned in my 4 years of embracing my natural God-given hair! There will also occasionally be post related to Curly Cuties featuring my now 6 yr old (where does the time go!) daughters hair care!

Lets start from the beginning! So why did I decide to go natural? Hmm relaxers were not a walk in the park for me. I dreaded getting a relaxer because I knew what would follow! Sensitive scalp from chemical burns, weak hair, flat hair, hair that only grew to a certain plateau and ceased to pass it! Overall my hair and scalp did not respond well to them. Not to say my hair looked horrible it really didn’t, It just wasn’t what I wanted it to be.(remember your journey is about YOU).

My Curly Cutie! 2 yrs young then

My daughter also had a big role in my decision to go natural. Here I was with this gorgeous Curly Cutie and I had no idea how to care for her hair! I mean, growing up my mom would just throw pink lotion and some bergamot in my hair then put it in ponytails! It was shiny and good to go as far as she was concerned. She didn’t know any better and neither did I. And later of course when it was too much to handle Just For Me relaxer was the answer! The things my mom did were just not working for my daughter’s curls. I knew I did not want to relax (sparing her the pain and chemical exposure) her hair and I definitely did not want her to look up at me and not see a reflection of herself staring back at her! I knew I couldn’t have straight hair and be real with her.

Frustrated, I did some research and decided to just dive in. I went cold turkey! I stopped relaxing completely and thus began my natural journey in June of 2011. I did not want to do the “big chop” so I slowly transitioned (grew the relaxer out) my hair over an about 18mth period. Why did I wait so long? I wanted to take the time to learn how to care for my natural hair. After all this was my first time even feeling it! I needed to get my groove. I had to learn how to handle it, what it likes, what it doesn’t like, how it responds to styles etc.

When I first cut the remainder of my relaxed ends off! Talk about liberating1
When I first cut the remainder of my relaxed ends off! Talk about liberating1
1 1/2 yrs in!
1 1/2 yrs in!

When I felt that I had a solid handle of how to handle my hair I chopped off my the remainder of my relaxed hair. That date was roughly February of 2013. I fell in love loVE LOVE with my hair pretty quickly and I haven’t looked back! Now my passion (seriously I can talk hair all day) has become to help other women fall in love with their natural hair. So if you find yourself here reading this I hope you are ready to start your  journey! Stay Tuned! ❤ Ash


6 thoughts on “YUP this is Long Overdue!

  1. I will definitely be following, as I started the transition from heat to no heat this year. I stopped relaxing over 10 years ago but still swore by the heat…so I’m desperately trying to find away to manage my natural texture. Hurry with your next post ! 🙂


    1. YAY, thank you! I really appreciate it! Wow 10yrs, you’re an OG! Good for you for transitioning! I should have my regimen posted by the end of the day of mid Saturday morning at the latest. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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